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Stampington Call for Artist Submissions

There anre many many many publications from this company. They recently published a fun mini book called Stuffed. I took it along on a road trip, and it was almost like perusing etsy or other crafty sites I often look through. Read their submission guidelines on their website.
Send all applications here:
(Name of Magazine Title)
22992 Mill Creek, Suite B
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Vintage Halloween (Newsstand Date: September 1, 2009)
It's that time of year again! It's time for our wildly popular Vintage Halloween issue! Witchy women, jack o'lanterns, gothic tales, fairies and goblins ... the magical holiday of Halloween is filled with wonderful images and ideas that beg for artistic expression. We'd like you to stir the caldon, cast a spell, do whatever's necessary to conjure up some spooktacular vintage Halloween artwork.

For the September/October 2009 issue, please submit paper and mixed-media projects that capture the beguiling and enchanting spirit of vintage Halloween.
We must receive your artwork by April 15, 2009.

Special Holiday Projects (Newsstand Date: November 1, 2009)
Somerset Studio invites you to join in our annual tradition of showcasing your most special holiday projects. We're looking for greeting cards, gift wraps, advent calendars, ornaments, table decorations, stocking stuffers, and assorted handmade gifts and artwork that celebrate the season

Please use colors, words and images that are most inspirational and meaningful for you during the holidays. We look forward to projects made with paper, art stamps, calligraphy, and other mediums that add sparkle to our traditions of giving thanks, rekindling our faith and reconnecting with family and friends.
We must receive your artwork by June 15, 2009.

Aubergine (Newsstand Date: January 1, 2010)
We at Somerset Studio are refeling in the gorgeous hue of aubergine! This regal color has inspired royalty through the ages, and now we want to see where it leads you in your art quest. Whether you call it eggplant, plum, mulberry or violet, we think aubergine is queen of the color wheel.

Summon up your most noble muses for this theme and really get in touch with your inner blue-blood as you create with deep purple. We challenge you to get out the richest purple palette for your mixed-media and paper projects as you submit them for consideration for the January/February 2010 issue.
We must receive your artwork by August 15, 2009.

In our Winter issue of ADQ we presented some beautiful puppet dolls created by talented artist LK Ludwig (“Story Puppets,” page 68). LK’s lovely puppets are whimsical and unique — and totally different from the usual puppets we’re all accustomed to. As doll artists, we know you have a bounty of ideas and your imagination soars when presented with new challenges, so we invite you to step up to the plate and show us what kind of puppet dolls you can create. Deadline for artwork to be received:
June 15, 2009.

Upcycled Dolls
Do you have worn-out clothes, old ties or pants that are too short? Maybe a favorite piece of clothing that you can’t wear anymore but just can’t bear to get rid of? Like Cara L. Johnson did with her “Upcycled Geisha,” (shown here and featured in our next issue) re-use those old clothes (or anything else!) and bring to life a new doll. For this challenge, think outside of the box to use old materials and create an upcycled creation of your own. We expect to be blown away by your creativity when saving and re-using.
Deadline for artwork to be received: September 15, 2009.

Wooden Dolls
Wood is one of the earliest known materials used to make dolls because it was easy to carve, sturdy and unbreakable. Most were symbolic and ceremonial figures, often of a religious nature. According to the doll category guidelines set by United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC), the type of doll is determined by the content of the doll's head. Thus, a wood doll always has a wooden head regardless of the types of materials used in the body construction. With that in mind, we challenge you to create wood dolls and send us your submissions. Deadline for artwork to be received: December 15, 2009.

Feeling Themeless?
The Stampers’ Sampler always welcomes general stamped artwork. If you can’t find one of our themes or challenges to fit your mood, feel free to create a sample or project of your choice. You’ll receive a free copy of any issue in which your work appears.

Holiday Happenings
It's hard to believe that the holidays are sneaking up on us again! We want for you to put your creativity caps on and send us not only cards, but also wrapping paper, holiday décor, ornaments, quick and easy gifts, and anything else you can think of with a holiday theme. Everyone is looking for simple,
yet functional holiday craft ideas, so send some our way! Absolute Deadline - May 15, 2009

Stylin' Serviettes
If you've ever stepped foot into a party supply store, you know that there is not shortage of napkins out there - great napkins that are almost too pretty to use up. Not only do they come printed with your child's favorite cartoon characters, they also come with bold graphics or pretty flowers. Howcan you use a napkin in your work? Will you make a coordinating set to match party décor? Or will you take advantage of the ease of making cards with napkins and make an entire matching set to give to a friend? Whatever it is, we want to see it for our October/November 2009 issue! Absolute Deadline - May 15, 2009

Just Say Moo
It seems like stampers and mixed-media artists love to create on a small scale. ATCs, inchies, and now "moo" cards. Moo cards measure 1" x 2-4/5" and are a ton of fun to either make or embellish. Show us your moo! Make them or embellish them alone, or include them in a card. Just be sure to send us your work for the August/September 2009 issue. Absolute Deadline: March 15, 2009

Frightful & Delightful
It's time once again for our annual Halloween challenge. Here's what we want you to do: create Halloween-themed cards using non-traditional stamp images. Use your imagination and view your images in an unusual way to generate the Halloween symbols we all know and love. Scare yourself silly and send us your creations for the August/September 2009 issue. Absolute Deadline: March 15, 2009

Designers of art-to-wear garments and accessories can find inspiration from almost anywhere. For Susanna Gordon, in our March/April 2008 issue of Belle Armoire, it was the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard menu from French cafés that inspired her handbag design. We challenge you to keep your eyes open to observe things on the ground, in the air, in and around buildings... or any other place you find yourself, to get inspired for your next art-to-wear design. For your creation to be considered for publication for future installments of The Inspired Artisan, please send a hi-resolution digital image (300 dpi at 8" x 10") of the inspiration (either e-mailed to the Editor-in-Chief at beleditor@bellearmoire.com or burned on a CD) along with your actual art-to-wear creation to Belle Armoire by following the Submission Guidelines. Deadline: Ongoing.

Belle Armoire seeks original, handmade artwear by students and working apprentices to present as part of the Student Runway Department. To be considered for publication, please see top of page for details on mailing artwork and ensuring its return. Artwear may include garments, jewelry and accessories, and projects and techniques may encompass sewing; knitting and crochet; mixed-media adornment of clothing, jewelry and accessories; surface embellishment; beading; wirework; glass; and polymer and art metal clay. Submissions should include information on apparel, textiles, jewelry or other classes taken, as well as contact information for an instructor or professor overseeing your studies. The editor welcomes brief e-mail queries at beleditor@bellarmoire.com. Deadline: Ongoing.

In the November/December 2008 issue of Belle Armoire, maverick fabric artist Ruth Rae created a stunning altered T-shirt project by first creating a one-of-a-kind art quilt and then sewing it onto the tee. Belle Armoire invites you to make mini art quilts in like fashion and submit your results to be considered for publication in both Art Quilting Studio and Belle Armoire. Show us your interpretations of how your art quilt gets stitched onto a T-shirt or onto a handbag, or transformed into a pin, or other wearable item.
Deadline: We must receive your artwork by February 15, 2009.

GreenCraft Chic
Belle Armoire is proud to announce the launch of a brand new publication titled GreenCraft Magazine, which will feature all sorts of ecologically chic creations ... like Cynthia Shaffer's upcycled handbag made of cut-up tees (Nov/Dec 2008 issue), and the halter dress made of WalMart bags by Darryl Sue Lasko (Sep/Oct 2008 issue). We would like to invite you to make clothing or accessories or jewelry in like fashion — by incorporating and repurposing elements that may be considered "discards" and submit your results to be considered for publication in both GreenCraft Magazine and future issues of Belle Armorie. Old T-shirts, plastic bags, bottle caps, souvenir spoons, placemats, and more, can all be given new and fashionable life.
Deadline: We must receive your artwork by April 15, 2009.

Cuffs of All Mediums
On page 71 of the January/February 2009 issue, Cynthia Shaffer presents knitted cuffs that she embellished with yarn and ribbons. In the November/December 2008 issue, Pamela Quevedo presented cuffs that she tatted in assorted designs. Belle Armoire would like to invite you to create artistic cuffs. Consider yarns, fabrics, leather, lace, felted wool ... or any other medium you like, to create cuffs. (Cuffs can be worn at the wrists and they can also be worn at the ankles to peek out from beneath long jeans.)
Deadline: We must receive your artwork by June 15, 2009.

A hand-me-down sweater … a raggedy old skirt from the thrift store … a plain T-shirt … Using just a few tools coupled with your creativity, all of these items can be transformed into fantastic works of wearable art! The publisher of Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio invites you to submit your own altered and embellished clothing and accessories to be considered for the second volume of this exciting publication. Chapters will include Skirts & Dresses, Pants & Overalls, Jackets & Vests, Shirts & Tops, Children’s Wear, Sassy Shoes, and Accessories. Deadline for artwork to be received: Quarterly every September 15th, December 15th, March 15th, and June 15th.

Got 20 bucks? Then you qualify for this challenge:
1. Visit a thrift store and purchase a complete outfit for no more than $20.
2. Take “before” photos of the outfit.
3. Alter the outfit a la Altered Couture so that it transforms into an art-to-wear outfit.
4. Write a brief description about the experience.
5. Submit the photos, altered outfit and description.
Deadline: Ongoing.

The colorful and imaginative costumes were one of the best parts of the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge. Whether you want to add subtle under layers of ruffles on a garment like Sonya Nimri's "Rufflicious" skirts (from Autumn 2008), add a few "diamonds" to an outfit, or want to try your hand at a corset, we challenge you to capture the essence of the early 1900s French stage. Deadline: March 15, 2009.

The fabulous flappers of the roaring '20s had killer style. Take a cue from the Chrleston-crazed era of daring design and alter away! Ruffles, hats, headbands, Mary Janes, layered necklaces, capes, coats and Gatsby are all up for grams when it comes to canvases to create on. Use old fishnets, vintage dresses, silk scraps, lingerie, the movie Chicago — anything that moves you toward jazzing up Jazz Age pieces for contemporary wear. Deadline: June 15, 2009.

Inspired by Jennifer Guthrie's beautiful bag comes a challenge that should suit all altered enthusiasts. Alter your suits into vests, children's clothes, bags and more! Or alter your own suit, from other clothing items. Inspiration is everywhere from men's suits, Chanel, tweed, houndstooth and boucle just begging to be crafted as a pencil skirt, pants or jacket. Redefine the stodgy sterotype of work-only wear with something fun and definitely something altered and fabulous. Deadline: September 15, 2009.

Whether punky or pretty, use patches of any sorts to alter clothing, or alter clothing into patches to dress up another article. If there's space, play with a pin or two or three or more. We sell great pins at our shop that can glam an outfit up or glorify a bit of an edgy style. Play with textures and patterns to add dimension. Patches are for much more than repairs, they are for fixing up stylish looks. Deadline: December 15, 2009.

If you’d like to share your inspiration and detailed how-to instruction for creating beautiful jewelry with readers, we want to hear from you. Belle Armoire Jewelry covers a broad range of mediums, from art clay to polymer clay to found object to fiber to wire to beads and much, much more. Whether you are a creator of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants, rings or other jewelry, we welcome you to submit your artwork for consideration of publication. Deadline for artwork to be received: Quarterly every October 15th, January 15th, April 15th, and July 15th.

This is our newest quarterly publication. If you are the creator of a blog or know of one that you think other creative minds would like to know about, please send a letter of interest to the Managing Editor. Deadline: Ongoing.

For these challenges, we’d like to see the unique ways in which you treat these raw materials and then incorporate them into your everyday living. Please refer to the article in this issue about The Magic of Crepe Paper (and the article about The Magic of Cheesecloth in our inaugural issue available at www.stampington.com) for ideas on what we are looking for:
STYROFOAM: The artful applications of this polystyrene material have far surpassed what the practical applications ever were intended to be. Paint on it, build with it, shape it. Lightweight and versatile, you can use it for art and decoration. What are your artful Styrofoam ideas? DEADLINE: February 15, 2009.

For these challenges, the publisher offers ideas for readers to join her in an effort to share in experiences that are sure to stretch the boundaries of our creativity. In this current issue, the publisher inspired the Somerset Life® team to visit their local warehouse store and find a product that could be artistically transformed. In our inaugural issue, the challenge was for the team to visit an antique store and to select just one item for under $10 and to incorporate that item into our everyday living. We would like for readers to join the publisher's creative team by taking up her challenges to elevate the ordinary:

As Oprah Winfrey says, "The more we celebrate life, the more in life there is to celebrate." To this end, we'd like for you to join us in creating themed parties that everyone can enjoy. Whether your contribution is the invitation or the favor or the centerpiece or other decoration, join us as we celebrate life:

This special department features stories about truly unique stores and boutiques across the globe. Stores that would like to be featured in this department are asked to submit digital images of the store with a brief written query to the Editor-in- Chief at someditor@somersetstudio.com. If the submission is accepted, professional hi-resolution digital images (300 dpi at 8" x10") will need to be furnished by the store. DEADLINE: Ongoing. Upcoming Challenges

Where do you create? Whether it's a small table or breakfast nook, cleared-out closet, or an actual room dedicated as your creative studio, we want to peek inside. If you think your creative space is something that Somerset Life® readers would like to learn more about, please submit digital images of your space with a brief written query to the Editor- in-Chief at someditor@somersetstudio.com. If the submission is accepted, you will be asked to furnish professional hi-resolution images (300 dpi at 8" x 10"). DEADLINE: Ongoing.

MOOD BOARDS: Artists frequently create mood boards that contain scraps of paper or fabric or other assorted elements that they like to display on a wall or a large piece of cardboard or foam core. These boards provide a ground from which ideas for projects come alive. Aside from their functionality, mood boards can become incorporated as part of the décor. Please submit digital images of your mood boards with a brief written query to the Editor-in-Chief at someditor@somersetstudio.com. If the submission is accepted, you will be asked to either furnish the actual mood board or to provide professional hi-resolution images (300 dpi at 8" x10"). DEADLINE: Ongoing.

ARTFUL KITS: We all love to collect papers, ribbons, embellishments, and other bits and bobs. More fun than collecting specific elements is finding creative ways to juxtapose the pieces together to create unique kits. Whether you create them to give away or to sell or offer to students in a workshop setting, we’d like to see your favorite kits. Please send in kit samples directly to the Editor-in-Chief as outlined in the Submission Guidelines. DEADLINE: Ongoing.

MISCELLANY: Sometimes, an image of something lovely is all we need to feel inspired. Have you taken a photo of something that makes you feel inspired? Perhaps it is a photo of your collection of vintage handkerchiefs. Or an old stack of books. Or your treasured stash of ribbons. Please submit your favorite digital images (5" x 7" @ 300 dpi) to be considered for Somerset Life’s® special Miscellany department to the Editor-in-Chief at someditor@somersetstudio.com.

SEASONAL: We also encourage general submissions centered around the seasons.
• Submissions for New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and other winter-related celebrations need to arrive every August 15th.
• Submissions for Easter, Mother's Day, Father’s Day and other spring-related celebrations need to arrive every November 15th.
• Submissions for Independence Day, "Back-to-School," and other summer-related celebrations need to arrive every February 15th.
• Submissions for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other autumn/winter-related celebrations need to arrive every May 15th.

We are looking for quick and easy stamped cards for this best-selling magazine. Send us your “ten minutes or less” artwork in any style, theme or color and we’ll send you a free issue if your artwork is published. (Due to the volume of submissions, artwork submitted to Take Ten will not be returned.) Deadline: On-going

How do you carry it? That’s the question Somerset Studio would like to help answer through our new and exciting special publication titled Haute Handbags. Whether we use purses, clutches, totes, portfolios, sacks, bags, or attachés, there are many styles made with an astounding array of materials emerging from all corners of the creative world – all vying to be carried and used with style. You are welcome to construct a bag from scratch, or to purchase one that you embellish and alter with paints, beads, rubber stamps, ribbons, buttons, transparencies, and more. No medium or material is ruled out so use your imagination to make bags of leather, wool, fabric, paper, plastic, wood, glass, or any other materials that you love. Deadline for artwork to be received: Semi-annually every November 15th, and May 15th.

There are more to come...

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