Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gypsy Caravan 2012 - May 28 (7am - 5pm) Memorial Day Weekend

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Do you love flea markets? The Gypsy Caravan in St. Louis is just what you need!

The event is located at the University of Missouri - St. Louis campus and is just massive.

There are craft vendors, antiques dealers, and flea market booths. Having gone to other flea markets, this one really tops them all. There is little repetition in booths, and the antiques are well-appointed. The prices are right in the middle, and I am not one to haggle, but the vendors might be up for it! Please don't haggle the artists who make the work themselves though.

I would imagine the lines for this event will start very early that morning. We visited this event 2 years ago, and we went in the middle of the day. It was HOT, and there was a definite look of heat-exhaustion on the faces of some of the vendors and attendees. But, to grab some coverage, a lot of the antiques dealers are located in the parking garage on campus, which is pretty large. There was a great breeze while in this area, and it's a great way to escape the heat.

This year will likely be cooler, but make sure to bring water in a rolling cooler full of ice, some snacks and very very sensible shoes! Be prepared for sun, and this event takes place on a huge concrete lot.

That all being said, despite the heat, it was a sight to behold. This event is definitely recommended by me, and there are plenty of shady spots and cold refreshments for you.

(Click HERE to see photos of our 2010 experience)

Have fun!! The Gypsy Caravan takes place this Saturday, May 28 from 7am - 5pm, 2012.