Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craft Fair Extraordinaire Feature Interview #14 (Sarita Baby)

Since I love sewing for babies SO much, this seamstress is right up my alley! Sarita Baby creates some of the cutest items for babies, like bibs, quilts, toy tethers, binky clips, and much much more. She uses mostly designer fabrics, which is such a good idea - the prints are recognizable to even those who do not sew themselves. The quality of these nicer fabrics also is great, since the materials hold up after many many washings! Perfect for an item like a bib which you will be washing A LOT!! Sarita Baby uses quite a nice and colorful display. She hangs some items, while folding others in cute baskets with signs on them stating the price and name of the items. Since her prices are very reasonable, this is a great and welcoming idea!

Please read on to learn more about Sarita Baby...

1) Sarah Gaylor/Sarita Baby, I live 30 minutes outside of Toronto, www.saritababy.etsy.com
Flickr Page Here.
See her Facebook Page Here.
Don't miss her items at The Cuddly Bunny Here! She has been a busy lady :) This setup is astonishing! I can't get over it...What an honor!

2) I make modern funky baby accessories out of designer fabrics. The line includes: Bibs, toy tethers, pinafore dresses, quilts, pacifier clips and more.

3) My 1st show was the Heart of Country Craft Show, it was a 3 day event and very successful. I have done some shows that had a very poor turnout which can be hard.

4) My favorite show to date was the Better Baby Expo in Peterborough. There was a lot of people and a lot of advertising done for the show.

5) My least favorite was a show in Lindsat that was at a lodge. (it shall remain nameless) There were no signs, advertising people at the show!!

6) My target audience is young modern moms who are not interested in the disney/cutesy animal baby products. My best sellers would be my bibs and my pinafore dresses.

7) I always put an ad on Kijiji for the city I will be doing a show in (it's free) I put the event of my Facebook page, and my blog. I hand out a lot of business cards at every show and make sure to check out my fan page which is on the card.

8) I am in the process of organizing my first show with another local Mompreneur, Crazy Baby. We are deciding on the venue, advertising, dates. It is a lot of work.

9) Facebook has brought me a lot of business just from my fan page a lone! I lets people see what you are up to and new products. Etsy was where it all started though, I love that website! Flikcr is a great place to put your photos on and people from all over the world can see them, it's amazing.

10) Difference between Art and Craft Show? When I think of an art show I think of painted pictures, sculptures and things of that nature. When I think of a Craft Fair I picture anything and everything handmade.

11) My upcoming shows are: The Kid2Kid Sale this weekend Sunday March 28th in Peterborough, Ont at The Evinrude Centre,
from 10-2, Saturday May 15th ath the Ajax Convention Centre, Ont for the Mom2Mom Sale, The Heart of Country Craft Show in Oshawa, Ont. October 22-24 at the GM Centre, and last The Christmas Craft Show in Oshawa, Ont. Nov 28th at Kinsway College. I am always looking to book more though :)

12) I think the best advice would be is to make it a shopper friendly as possible and show how your item would be used. I am selling Sophie Leashes/Toy tethers and I have them displayed with one around Sophie the giraffe and one around a sippy cup. I sold out at my last show! Display some things at eye level, and at different layers. I am forever tinkering with my display.

13) My advice for doing shows is to have fun and make as many contacts as possible. It will show in future sales.


sarita baby said...

Amazing! Thank you so much Katherine :)

Colleen said...

Yay for Sarita Baby! At The Cuddly Bunny Co., we LOVE our Sarita Baby products! During the holiday season, we can barely keep up with how fast they sell out.

Sarah is a pleasure to work with and her work is exceptional!

Thanks for the mention of The Cuddly Bunny Co., and for showing one of the gorgeous displays we have of Sarita Baby products in store ;)


Crazy Baby Accessories said...

I love it! Thank you so much for mentioning Crazy Baby! You are one of the best crafters to work with. Keep up the good work