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Craft Fair Extraordinare Feature Interview #4

Now, we all know that you can never have too many beautiful dresses. Little Girl Pearl dresses are NO exception! This seamstress spends a lot of time traveling, but when she is home, I believe that she sews a LOT. Her young daughter is usually the pretty subject of her lovely images. It is fun to see her grow throughout the years.

Little Girl Pearl
uses some of the most amazing designer fabrics to sprinkle her booth with, and also sew with. She uses a lot of really bright colors, and it looks like her booth evolves all the time, as does her craftsmanship!!

I love how she has hung a white wall on one side of her tent, and then hung various coordinating fabrics from another wall of her booth. She displays super cute images of her girl in floating frames, giving them a nice, airy look.

Feel free to visit her on Flickr Here
and Etsy Here...

She was kind enough to answer a few questions, and here is what she said:

My name is Melissa McKeagney and I am the owner of little girl Pearl, a clothing company that features modern fabrics and classic styles for girls. I am located in Central New Hampshire in the middle of the woods. I love the quiet and am often inspired by hikes through nature. My website is and I sell on Etsy and at some local art markets.

My first show ever was in New York City of all places, about two years ago. I vended at Vida's Market which was an all children's product show. Everything for my display had to be compact because I traveled by air down to the city. Tables and chairs were provided, so all I had to worry about was my product and a few display items. I did extremely well and had wonderful feedback from everyone, but the show was modestly attended. However, I was very encouraged by that show, and next started selling at the Concord Arts Market in downtown Concord, NH, about 40 minutes away from my studio. It was a much easier gig even though it is outside. I didn't have to fly for one, and even though weather is a factor, I can take as much as I want in my Subaru!

I have also done the South End Open Market in South Boston, and have done very well there too. The only day I vended there happened to be the hottest day of the summer, so while I sweated and panted, I was very busy, and again had great feedback from customers.

To try to pick a favorite art market is difficult, because it depends on the weather one is outside, and also your next door neighbors. If the vendor beside you is pleasant and upbeat, it can make all the difference in the world. I've done very quiet markets customer-wise that I had the most fun at simply because my fellow artisans have made the day.

My target audience is a bit smushy because I think sometimes the smaller sizes inspire Aunts and Godparents who may not have been looking for that little new baby girl in their lives. But mostly it's Moms and Grandmothers who purchase my clothing.

When I'm doing a show, I try to blog about it, twitter it, and put it up on my facebook fan page. I also advertise in our local "Shopper" when I'm doing a local show because people actually see the ad, and I've had very good success with it. I don't send out postcards, because I have been slow to get up a mailing list. I don't usually do a giveaway or any kind of promotion, but if something is on sale, I mention it. I give out tons of business cards, and I think that is essential.

As far as my display goes, it is ever evolving. I think the most important thing is to use all the cubic space you have in your tent or layout, that is to say HEIGHT! You have to use the vertical space as best as you can. Not only does it draw a potential customer's eye around your space but it is visually pleasing as well. My biggest challenge has been my skirt display and I'm still working that out. Last year I devised an umbrella-quin, a collapsible umbrella for the twirl skirt with an accompanying dowel for the top that can be broken down and easily transported. This year who knows what I'll come up with! I like a cohesive looking space, and I think by keeping things simple and allowing my colorful product to stand out I've achieved that look.

I also think that by having a lot of different price points you will draw people in as well. My dresses are a little more expensive, but if someone doesn't want to take the chance on that, I have small inexpensive hair ties that anyone can afford. For me, accessories have been good add-on sales.

***This year I'll be concentrating more in Boston at the SOWA market (, doing 6 dates there.

I'll be there on Opening Weekend, May 15 and 16
June 13, 27
July 11
Sept. 12
Oct. 3

I'll be doing 1-2 dates at the Concord Arts Market as well this summer.

The best advice I can give to any potential craft vendor is to be positive and love what you do. If you do those two things you are bound to be successful! Have fun!

Thanks so much Melissa! I have learned quite a bit from you!!

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