Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oxford Town Hall Marketplace in Cape Town

I am quoting a writer for the folksy blog when I say:

"It’s great having an online venue to sell and talk about crafts, like Folksy, but I just love well curated, real, markets where you can see and touch things and meet people. There’s a great one in Cape Town called The Neighbourgoods Market, from where the image, above, was taken. It’s lively, there’s an energy and a buzz about the place. The Maker Faire’s in the US run by O’Reilly are a great example too. However, most craft markets in the UK tend to be a bit ‘damp’ but I’ve high hopes for two that are upcoming:

Firstly, Handmade Oxford which is on November 9th at Oxford Town Hall. Then we have We Make in London on Saturday 6th Dec on Tottenham Court Road. We’re going to be doing a bit of something around We Make which I’ll talk about later but it’ll be a competition around Makes, which will (yes, honestly, definitely, no excuses) will go live by the 24th November. Woo. I know we wanted to get this functionality out in September but other things got in the way. Anyway, I’ll introduce that Making stuff properly, later."
I do not know the full name of the author, so the only citation I can give is the link to the BLOG HERE.

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