Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Selling Site called Folksy: Cast, solder, cut, knit, mould, sculpt, buy, sell, go!

I found this new shop for UK sellers on someone's blog. Folksy is set up very similarly to Etsy, and has a cool section on making, a place where sellers show instructions of the items they make. This feature and several others make Folksy seem more community oriented, rather than just a place to buy/sell items.

The Floksy BLOG is really great though. I recommend checking it out! They have lots of fun videos embedded in their site which I had some difficulty transferring for you all into this site.

I believe at this time, only UK sellers are allowed for soem reason, maybe currency issues??? But I hope in the near future they will be able to cater to US sellers. Maybe with the help and support of people like you and me, that will soon be possible!

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