Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today, as promised, Craft Friendly takes setup to a whole new level. Trade Shows are highly professional shows, some are open to the public, some are not. At a lot of these trade shows, people do not sell their goods, just their ideas. I believe that wholesale orders are often made at these shows too. Below are a few Show types or Event names that are well-known trade shows. I will also include some images of trade fair/ trade show display ideas so you can see how the other half do it. Click on teh hilighted words to link to Specific Shows. They often have vendors "selling and licensing art and design". There is nothing to say that your own setup can be similar to some of these images. Take notes on what appeals to you! You may also want to draw out a floorplan on some grid paper before your next show. I really hope this helps.
Portland Quilt Show on Flickr.
Houston Quilt Market 2008
Karen Rossi Trade Show Tips: VERY USEFUL INFO!
Virtual Trade Show
And here are some wonderful images..... Hope your senses are enlightened!
Tina Givens
Publisher Textiles
Publisher Textiles
Cathy Taylor
An Old Friend: Alexander Henry
A Professional Booth Company
Japanese Fabric Booth in Houston 2007
www.OliverandS.com- Lovely goods, and cute setup!

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