Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lemon Cadet

I have adored this person's craft fair/ booth/ table setup since last year when my interest in fairs began. It is Lemon Cadet. She applique's kids shirts, undies, onesies, and all sorts of other little gifty items. I really am super impressed with her Lemons everywhere! Her price signs are lemon shaped, her tables have lemon fabric on them, I know her banner is super cute too. Her etsy shop's banner is amazingly cute as well!
See her BLOG here.
See her FLICKR Here. It is her Crat Fair Set.
See her ETSY Here!
Hope you enjoy her work. She seems to do a lot of shows.
Most of these images are from her blog, so you will see them there too!

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LemonCadet said...

Thanks for the feature!