Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiring Women Silent Auction

As the collective art students' and my advisor at Southern Illinois University I was wondering if you could e-mail any art students who would be interested in donating a piece of art to the Inspiring Women Silent Auction. Inspiring Women is a program that was est. in 2003 by SIUC division of Student Affairs created to honor women who have made significant contributions in their chosen fields, to their cities and towns, or to business, civic, governmental, service, or educational organizations and to honor entering freshman and transfer students admitted to SIUC for excellence in both curricular and extracurricular programs and activities. Thus, this program not only raises money for student scholarships but also honors local southern Illinois women. In order to raise money and honor these individuals, a silent auction is held in which the Inspiring Women program is seeking donations such as art pieces,etc. This is not only an opportunity to raise money but it is an opportunity for artists to get their name out there because almost six hundred people of the community and surrounding areas attend the gala- when the silent auction is held. If interested, artists could place a business card or something next to the art. However, if interested the items are need by September 1st or preferably sooner. The artists can contact me at to let me know of the donations and then drop off the item as Dr. Paratore's office on campus- her e-mail is -she is the coordinator. Let me know what you think or if that is ok! Thanks!!


Rachael McIndoo

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