Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Creative Expressions: Art Fair and Sale

so I am terribly sorry about this awful quality image below...but I was at the mall yesterday and saw this sign for an art show.
The Sign Reads:

"Creative Expressions: Art Fair and Sale. The Second Act Program is looking for artists age 50 and above who are interested in selling theis wors ar our first Creative Expressions Art Fair and Sale on July 25 (2009) at th eCarbondale Civic Center. To Learn more call 1877-480-4040. Put on in part by SIH (Southern Illinois Healthcare) and the Second Act"

I was happy to see this advertised in a nice place like this. I am not sure of they have a website or not, but I may call today to see. If any of you inquire, please let me know what they say...

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