Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a Woman! Jen Leheny at Mathilda’s Market

Jen of Red Instead wrote this blog post here, so please check out her world.
See her on Flickr HERE...
She says:
"It was a great day today at Mathilda’s Market - really high quality of stall holders and some beautful products on show. It was a day of networking too - I met a lot of lovely crafty business women, new and old faces. I met Tania McCartney who writes lovely books - she also has a great load of pics from the market up on her blog. She is going to be profiling some of the talented Canberra stall holders on her blog (including me!) so keep an eye on her blog for that. I also chatted with Julie (organiser of Handmade Market) and she has got some wonderful ideas in the pipeline for later in the year - talks and sessions for crafty types on topics such as product display for your stall, PR and marketing and so on. Can’t wait for those!"

This woman really has a lot of fun items and advice for other crafters, so support her and shop hand made!

More goodies to pursue:
MOCCA Market in early May

Below, here are some images of another craft show she attended. I am quickly becoming a RedInstead Fan!!

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