Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carbondale, IL Downtown Art and Wine Festival

This was their poster last year. I found it HERE...
Dates of Show this year: May 1, June 5, and October 2.
Price: $25 for one table, $50 for two tables. This price is for ALL 3 SHOWS!! How can you beat that? You don;t have to vend at all of them, so they are very flexible.

Last year, this event was really nice. I got to see some artists who usually don't vend. They were the less well-known artists, and it felt very "indie" to me because the progressive-ness of their works. The downtown area in Carbondale is really nice too! There are lots of locally owned and organic resturaunts, coffee shops, and the Town Squeare Market for grocery type items. There is Longbranch, and also Tres Hombres to name a couple of businesses there.

Please come support the Carbondale Main Street Association. This event is going to be really fun :)

I hope to post an image of the application soon, but until then, please email me:, or courtney at

I hope to see you there!

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