Thursday, February 7, 2013

Customize Your Booth! Merchandising Your Products at Craft Fairs

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Leah Duncan packaged her lovely tea towels with her name! This is adorable and a very memorable way of packaging soft goods. You could use your own signature, or a handwriting font to create a similar effect. 

DIY Customize Your Hangers! This is an awesome idea! Wooden hangers look MUCH nicer than those plastic ones. They are uniform, and space your clothing and hanging products out very nicely. 

Giant Dwarf has created custom packaging for an assortment of items. The black and white photo of the girl's hair is awesome, and will match any color product. The coffee cups are super cute ways to show how those cozies are used.

I would imagine that this booth at Craft 2.0 has their name on each and every product. 

A sign at eye-level engages shoppers from a distance. These magnets are packaged so perfectly too! Displayed inside of an old suitcase that's retro-fitted with peg board...genius!

And here is an example of some modern earring packaging. I know it's easy to just attach them to a business card but hang tags / cardstock backing is a great alternative. 

That's all for now :) How do you merchandise your products and package them for a more cohesive look in your booth or shop?

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