Monday, February 4, 2013

Springfield (IL) Art Association - Call for Entries: "Botanicals"

Call for Entries: Botanicals - April 26-May18, 2013
Location: Springfield, IL Art Association
Applications Due: March 15, 2013

The Springfield, IL Art Association (SAA) has a special place in my heart. When I was younger, I used to take various art classes there, and when I was 13, I volunteered as a camp counselor. It was a really fun place to explore art as a kid. 

The SAA is located in the oldest home in Springfield, IL and they have a nice art gallery. They also have a couple of really good, fine art fairs which I will blog about soon. 

Anyway, the SAA is accepting applications for a fine art show, where they display your work from April 26-May18. You ship them, or drop off work at the beginning, and go pick up your unsold items at the end! They take a 30% commission, which I believe is very reasonable, considering they staff the gallery during business hours, and they provide a very nice space.

The requirements of the show are: 2D and 3D - anything related to plants! The Garden Club and the SAA staff jury the event, which I think is really neat. 

Digital submissions accepted by MARCH 15, 2013 (5pm)

$25 jury fee, or $15 for SAA members. 

Check out their website HERE or contact them at

Click on the below images to see them larger, and print them. 

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