Monday, July 20, 2009

Plushie Goodness

In the world of craft, we cannot forget our Plush Friends! This alternative movement of plush and vinyl creatures and toys is really great. It takes crafting to the next level, and raises it up into the art world. There is one show called Plush You that moves around to different alternative galleries and book stores. I was luck enough to see the show hanging up while in the St. Louis University City Shops.
One shop, called Schmancy (located at 1932 2nd Avenue in Seattle) has a lot to do with the Plush You movement too.

At this show, I got to see tone of cool plush creatures. Some were almost too amazing for words too. Many of the artists had their Etsy hang tags too! That was really exciting.

Also see the hanahou gallery site here. They share lots of links to these alternative artists.

If you have any more information about the Plush World, or know of a cool show coming up regarding these plushies, please comment below.

The reason I found out about some of this information was through this artist: I Make Things!!! Such cool work too...

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