Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marketing and Selling Local Foods

I found this page on, and I found it rather interesting. Since I don't sell food items, I did not think about how important it is to share information with those who do.

Below is an example of one of the many important business-related videos:

There are lots of videos on this site, and some of their titles include:

VIDEO: The Difference Between Food Service and Food Manufacturing
VIDEO: Entrepreneurs: The Importance of Long-Range Plans
VIDEO: Target Markets for Organic Gourmet Foods
VIDEO: Market Research: Identifying Your Customer Needs
VIDEO: Gourmet Foods: Becoming a Certified Organic Grower
VIDEO: Gourmet Foods: The Cost Price Ratio of Organic Products
VIDEO: Promoting Local-Farm Products?
VIDEO: Entrepreneur's Story: Product Promotion
VIDEO: Business Strategy: The Importance of Developing a Plan and Executing It
VIDEO: The Importance of Extending the Eating Experience

The information in these videos can probably be applied to any sort of goods, though. So take a minute to see what they have to say...

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