Saturday, May 16, 2009

Murphysboro, IL: Riverside Park Art and Wine Fair {Memorial Day Weekend}

Last year, I went to this fun art show. They also had some really great bluegrass music too! The entry fee was $3 general admission, or $15 if you wanted to do the wine tasting. The wine tasting included a free glass, and then you get to go around to all the different tents, and test as much wine as you probably wanted to. The art there was really nice, and I would've thought about participating in it, but did not get to that quick enough. The horrible storms in Carbondale a week ago really set a lot of people back, unfortunately.

So, if you are looking for a fun event to attend next weekend, please go to the Murphysboro, IL Riverside Park Art, Wine and Music Fest!!

Please Call Starview Vineyards at phone # 618-893-9463 for any more info.

For Directions to the Park: CLICK HERE ON LETTER A...

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