Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Unofficial Guide to Etsy from Piddix

The latest "Quit Your Day Job" artist on etsy is PIDDIX. See this Website for her tipsHERE. And see this Etsy Storque Article HERE.

Some advice from this site...
"Here's some of my favorite advice that I've kept as a text file on my computer over the past few months (yes, I know, may sound a little lame but it's worth it). Big thanks to my mom for her expertise in EBay that's also applicable to Etsy!:

* List as frequently as you can so you'll always have something for a person to click through to in the first several pages of your category.
* Always use Flat Shipping boxes if you're sending things to Alaska or Hawaii.
* Always use Delivery Confirmation on packages, period. You can skip the cost of it if you print out the shipping label through the USPS Site and then bring it to the Post Office rather than waiting in line.
* Overseas rates are reduced through the USPS site, as well. Direct from the site: "You'll receive a 10% online discount on Global Express Guaranteed, and 8% discount for Express Mail International, or a 5% discount on Priority Mail International shipments when printing and paying for postage online using Click-N-Ship®!"
* Try unconventional marketing. While actual internet ads are always fantastic means of driving hits to your store, consider supplementing it with profiles on networking spaces like MySpace, Indiepublic, and Facebook. Blogging and exchanging links are also great alternative marketing strategies. It may seem a little more obvious, but many people also forget that local Etsy Street Teams and groups related around crafting or your specific business are a great way to get your name out there."

Ok, I am off in cyber space finding out what turns buyers on and off. More to report later...

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