Friday, January 23, 2009

LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, NC

This looks like a truly earthy gathering. A festival of arts, crafts, and outdoor activities, this looks like a family friendly event where an artist could meet lots of other cool people with similar interests...Their site says:
"ARTS express so many cultures, traditions, and forms of creativity. Browse the all original JURIED FINE ARTS and CRAFTS SHOW. The FOLK ART exhibits give new directions to creativity. HEALING ARTS create the path towards discovery and total relaxation. POETRY is the outspoken art form. MUSIC, DANCE, THEATER, and more. At LEAF, you are able to experience so many expressions of ART."
So, they are talking about art in every sense of the word. It is nice to think about it that way, because I tend to focus on visual art and crafts more than performance. Music is a favorite of mine though. My art could not happen without it playing in the background.
Anyhoo, I found this festival from GAIACONCEPTIONS...
See the LEAF Fest Page HERE.

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