Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Cartel A new Place to Sell Stuff for FREE!!!

So, I found this cool new place to sell your goods from. See, some people don't understand how FREE advertising can be. You do not have to buy commercial air time on a Cable Television Channel. Those ads don't even reach people like me, who do not subscribe to cable at ALL. The Internet is a haven of Free Space with which you can snatch up an advertise in.
So, check out yet another cool, FREE provider of store space. It is called Big Cartel. You can find them HERE. They allow up to 5 free listings, and one image per item, but you could use this to advertise/promote your etsy shop or any other shop you may possess. comment below if you have any opinion or you start a Cartel of your own :) how funny that sounds!

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