Monday, September 15, 2008

Apple Fest in Murphysboro, IL a bit of a Let Down :(

I went to visit my friends, Mary from InBlue and The Smelly Hippie at Apple Fest this year, and was kind of shocked to see they were some of the only 2 vendors with hand made items! Now, last year, it was similar, but not this bad! Last year, I was across from a booth of Nike Sneakers and FAKE Coach Purses! Who can compete with $30 Coach-ish purses??? When I am trying to sell my hand sewn ones for less than that?
So, I was a bit appalled to see that they were BACK in action this year, along with some the the other Import Junk that took over 95% of the booths! I guess in Apple Fest's defense, they never said ONLY HAND MADE!! I feel like I need to help them out a bit. But How?....
If anyone has any suggestions they would like to throw my way, please let me know. Maybe I can suggest something to them?
I know I will not be back next year. That is for SURE!!!

I feel so bad to rant on a local festival, but they need to support the arts made here in the USA, not that junk that is taking over!!!!

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