Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Crafty Projects and DIY Tutorials

Pinterest is filled with SO many DIY projects, that it will be fun to do some research and expand your product line for 2013. 

Use these next few months to perfect some new items that will help you sell more at shows. 

With this also comes some fierce competition. Other crafters have the same access to these crafty ideas as you do, so just make sure to use your found DIY ideas and make them your own. Let higher quality materials, a cute display, and a cohesive product line set you apart. 

Here are just a few DIY ideas that I think would be perfect for the upcoming craft season, that starts in a few, short months!

Button Magnets are SO easy and would be fun to display on a vintage metal tray

Embellished Coasters - You could use a paint pen, ceramic marker, or even screen printing! 

For more idea, visit my DIY board on Pinterest...
Happy Crafting!

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