Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{found} vintage furniture rentals and tips

I had a lovely time looking at all of the wonderful items and ideas from {found} vintage furniture rentals.
They have a seemingly unlimited number of furniture pieces you can rent for special occasions. Why couldn't a larger art/craft fair or a trade show be that occasion?

I asked Allison Howell of Found Vintage Rentals if she could share some tips on using vintage furniture pieces in booth design, and here is what she said:

Our clients are always interested in innovative design solutions whether they are creating an environment for their wedding or decorating a craft fair booth. We suggest using pieces in unusual ways; turn a soda crate on its side to create a shadowbox with cubbies for your wares, open a secretary desk to use as a display with multiple levels, stack suitcases on your table to make "shelves" and a focal point. 

We often encourage our clients to add multiple pieces of furniture to a display instead of a single table. A dresser with a stack of trunks and a side table next to it is a lot more interesting than a plain old 6-foot table. You'll also get more surface area and multiple levels instead of just one flat surface. Vintage furniture and decor can add an eclectic look that celebrates your style and represents your brand with a little flair.
I absolutely love her ideas and I believe that if you have a bit of creativity and take the extra time to plan these ideas, you will have a booth unlike any other. Stay tuned for more ideas with this theme.

Here is just a very small sampling of a few ideas from events that used {found} furniture. These events are traditionally weddings, photo shoots, large parties, and corporate events. Where else do you think that this service would be appropriate? Let us know in the comments below...
(found on Facebook)
(found Blog)

I have seen a number of fabric designers use large-scale sofas, chairs, shelving, and tables at Quilt Markets, and they usually upholster pieces with their newest fabrics.
These booths are far beyond anything I can usually imagine doing, and they are definitely an aesthetic to aspire to.

(AMH at a 2009 Quilt Market - source

Happy Crafting and Decorating!! 


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