Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stonehouse Studio at The Artisan Fair

I found this ultra-amazing photo {HERE}. I love the use of vertical space! This artist seems to really know how to draw the eye to look right at her earrings and other works in the back.
If you wanted to do something similar, you would have to own an EZ-Up Tent and do something like this...

1.) Get or make/embellish 2 Burlap Curtain Panels. Make sure they are only as long as the height of your table. Meaning they should stop a bit under where the top of the table stops. To embellish these, hot glue or sew ribbon/trip to the long edges.

2.) Purchase 2 medium circumference (1/2" or more so it doesn't bend) dowel rods and leave them their natural wood color.

3.) Feed curtains onto dowels. Attach ends of dowel rods to EZ-Up Tent Frame with bungee cords or twine/rope.
**You can also drill holes into each end of the dowels to feed rope through them to create a hanging bar. Then, making sure the dowel is level, tie the ropes to the EZ Up Frame.

4.) Punch holes in your earring cards, and fasten them to the burlap curtains by using S-shaped paper clips or mini S-hooks. Feel free to mark where you want these hooks to be with a ruler and T-square with a marker.

5.) Hang all earring cards onto the hooks and watch your sales increase!

You could also use this hook and curtain method with necklaces, hair clips, clothing items, small purses, lightweight paintings/photos, and more! What would you use with this type of display?

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