Monday, October 18, 2010

APPLY TODAY! New St. Louis Indie Craft Show on October 30

From the super creative curator of Strange Folk Fest, comes another show. Sure to be well attended and fun...The St. Louis Rally to Keep Sanity Alive!

"Hey Strange Folkies!

I thought I would get a nice long break after Strange Folk, but when it came up to host a satellite event for Comedy Central's Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive at the Gateway Arch, I jumped at the opportunity to help plan it! This is totally independent from the D.C. event organizationally and financially, although The Daily Show has already begun endorsing us. We have been doing our best to raise money through donations for a JumboTron to run the DC feed as well as paying for all the permits,port-a-potties, etc. without getting any political parties involved. Comedy Central has taken a bipartisan stance, and aims to dispel hyperbole on both sides of the political spectrum. Organizers of the St. Louis rally are committed to "taking it down a notch for America". We have aimed to make our satellite event a celebration of wit, local independent business, and the spirit of finding common ground. And in that spirit, we are inviting local artisans to set up shop on the riverfront as part of our "Small Business Stimulus Plan"! We think everyone can agree that indie entrepreneurs are a positive trend in our country.

WHEN: October 30th, 10am-4pm
WHERE: The St. Louis Arch (The stage, JumboTron, concessions, and artisans will all be next to each other on Sullivan Blvd along the river)
FEE: $100 per 12x12ft space. You may split the space/fee with fellow artists!
WHY IT WILL BE AWESOME: We have lots of great local restaurants, including Pi Pizza, Holy Crepe, and more in the works. We also have booze (provided by The Handlebar) and an ATM onsite!
We are featuring a "Threatdown" Costume Contest, local bands and comedians before beginning the live stream of the DC rally on a JumboTron at 11am and continuing comedy acts after the DC rally ends until 4pm. The JumboTron will be on a stage on the East side of the street, in front of the river, and concessions/artisans will be on both sides. We believe it will still be viewable, and definitely audible, to anyone walking around on the street, but it wouldn't hurt, if you have room and a laptop, to have the online feed of the rally running and facing out to the crowd (there is WiFi). Turn-out is expected to be fantastic. We have already had press mentions in the RFT, Post Dispatch, Business Journal, and the central satellite rally website where we are listed has been mentioned on dozens of national news sites and TV stations including the NYT, Politico, and St. Louis was mentioned specifically on CBS nightly news. We have over 600 RSVPed on our Facebook event page alone (and this is still 2 weeks out, in comparison, Strange Folk had about 400 RSVPs up until it started). We are starting to promote the crafty aspect of it big time too! Check out our shnazzy graphics! We'll also put a link to your shop on our website.
HOW TO APPLY: Fill out this form:
Then, follow instructions to pay the fee via Paypal.
DEADLINE: ASAP! When we fill 40 spaces, the app will be taken down! Otherwise, this Friday, October 22nd is when we will cut it off."

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