Friday, June 25, 2010

Table Displays from Outside Sources

It is a good idea, as Caitlin is NICE says, to carry around a notebook of some sort, and jot down unique display ideas. You can really grab ideas from anywhere and everywhere. And, the more outside-the-box you go, the more appealing your table setup will be to customers. If a customer feel engaged and in a little unique environment, it is likely they will stay longer and hopefully buy more :)

Please comment below and tell us where you find these types of inspirations??

So, I have been using dottie angel as a source of inspiration. She uploads a lot of photos of her home and she is an avid blogger. I LOVE how she sets up these little vignettes of vintage items, sometimes inside, sometimes outside.

Another great inspiration for me lately has been party decorations. Especially when whimsy and vintage appeal are involved. Whether it be for a child's party or a wedding, the decorations and the setup of the food tables and treats themselves. One outstanding example of this would be the New York City Party Planner named Amy Atlas (Events). Be prepared to be amazed at her "Eye Candy". I cannot get over how amazing she and her photographer are!! Also, feel free to read her post about the Behind The Scenes/ Design Phase at her business. Quite interesting!

It's the little things that really catch my eye, and props are very important in setting up a crafty table, or taking photos of your items for online use. I love the way cake stands look as well. Even if you have just one item on them, they look so stunning. Tasty candy in fun bowls are always nice too! Make sure the candy won't melt or get messy in the summer months, though!

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