Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crafters and Designers- Here's an Opportunity to Get Paid For Your Ideas!!

Are you a fashion fanatic, decorating diva, passionate painter, savvy stitcher or super cool crafty chic? If so, join our community!

Over the past 30 years Plaid® Enterprises, Inc., a leading arts and crafts company, has worked with designers to bring some of the most innovative craft products to market. Our products are found at craft and hobby stores everywhere, featured on popular TV shows and in well-known publications and have garnered national and international recognition.

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Could your ideas be the next big thing?

We know your mind is always churning and coming up with neat ideas and ways to use existing products, as well as innovative twists for brand new ones. Plaid is currently accepting submissions for new product ideas and innovative crafting techniques-and looking to build on our network of freelance sample-maker designers in the following categories:

* Fashion
* Home D├ęcor
* Painting
* Stitchery
* Other cool crafts

Submit Your Idea!
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