Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's Feature... ME!

I had a show yesterday. Bobby was so absolutely wonderful for helping me out and hanging out with me this day!! What a man =) It was at one of the nicest venues I could have imagined. It took place at Blue Sky Vineyard in Makanda, IL. The drive out there was scenic, and the clouds were sun to watch. It looked like it was going to rain the whole time, but we only got the tiniest sprinkle of droplets for a second. I only sold a few items, but it was nice to be outside and get some sun! I think people only spent their money on wine, I was sort of surprised. I also think that I am going to hold off on doing shows til Apple Fest in September. It is a 3 day show, and people go there for the art, at least I hope!
There are a few things I need to do...
*Sew proper table cloths
*Make more Boy Booties
*Bring Less Shelving
*Buy another Plant Stand
*Make MORE Purses
*Maybe treat myself to the black wire Store Setup at Lowes!
Other than that, I would not change a thing!
See more images on my flickr page HERE. And my ETSY Shop HERE.


zahra said...

I really love what u do
from small things u creat wonderful others

Kat Eyez Company said...

Thanks Zahra! I really appreciate your kind words =)